Every brand and person has a persona, shouldn't they be in control of the narrative surrounding it? 

Whether you have a great idea for a book or have social media and content that needs attention, The Persona Agency is dedicated to not only telling your brand/personal story, but capturing the emotion, energy and foundation associated with it. 

At The Persona Agency, we gladly become your personal brand storytellers, content marketing teams and social media managers, all while telling your story without losing your unique voice. With experience in a wide variety of industries including tech, non-profit, film and entertainment, hospitality and government, we use our knowledge to tell your story across various platforms and channels in the most effective way possible: through brand storytelling. 

The Persona Agency is owned & operated by Award-Nominated and Best-Selling Author, and Social Media & Content Expert, Ebonee M. Thompson, aka #TheBrandstoryteller. After spending years working for and with some of the world's most well-known and emerging brands and companies, Ebonee conceptualized The Persona Agency after hearing (and seeing) too many businesses struggling to tell their story effectively. While many didn't have massive budgets, they still had massive stories and Ebonee was focused on making The Persona Agency the place to help them do just that. 

Ebonee M. Thompson, Founder, The Persona Agency

Ebonee M. Thompson, Founder, The Persona Agency

The lack of millions of dollars in an annual marketing budget doesn’t equal the lack of a rich brand or personal story. I wanted to show brands that regardless of how big or small they were, their story mattered and needed to be told in new, engaging and bold ways. The ways of yesteryear are over. It’s a new day.
— E.M.T.

Ebonee is equally as passionate about finding the right Pinterest recipe for her family as she is about discovering new ways to tell new stories in familiar ways. 

If The Persona Agency sounds like the right fit to help bring your brand story, content or social media presence to life, email Ebonee directly at ebonee@thepersonaagency.com