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Brand Storytelling? 

"Brand Storytelling," you've probably just said aloud to yourself  "What kind of new-age buzzword is this?" As new-age as it sounds, brand storytelling has been around for as long as brands have. What separates brand story telling from advertising or even old-school marketing (i.e. the "sell, sell, sell, sell" two-step)?

Brand storytelling is: 

  • Emotional

  • Organic

  • Authentic

  • Solution-oriented

  • Transparent

  • Valuable

  • Engaging

In short, brand storytelling is consistently telling your brands' story through visual, content, messaging, social media and innovative approaches sprinkled throughout different platforms. After all, your brand story goes beyond what you tell people or how awesome your product/service is. Your brand story should resonate authentically with facts, emotions and value. Band storytelling not only drives awareness, but it creates organic loyalty between your brand and its audience. 

Your story is being told, shouldn't you be the one telling it?