Why Your Social Media Strategy Matters


Social media strategy: the thing that 50% of businesses completely overlook. Don’t get us wrong, word of mouth is an excellent way to gain and keep business, but the world wide web has completely how we do...well...everything. Here’s a fun game: survey 10 of your family and friends (yep, even grandma) whether they have a smartphone, which they use to connect to a social media. Chances are the majority are familiar with AND use both. If you conducted an even deeper survey, we’re sure you’d find that most people with smartphones use them for so much more than talking and texting. Toto, Dorothy was right; when it comes to social media and your business, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore.  On the yellow brick road, consider the social media strategy as necessary as the GPS that Dorothy never knew she needed. 


As natural as word of mouth is, using your phone to answer questions, get reviews, find out about events and, yep, even shop is almost second-nature for the majority of consumers. Why? Convenience. This is a prime reason why having a social media strategy is important. Just like you hate having company unexpectedly pop up while your house looks like the Tasmanian devil has danced where you live, your “house” or social strategy for your business has to be in order. First impressions matter, which takes us to our first point…

First impressions are EVERYTHING!

You never get a chance.jpg

This is nothing new: You only get one chance to make a first impression. When you put your best foot forward, virtually, your audience walks away happy, and ready to hand over their coins. Don’t think so? Imagine searching Facebook for a nice restaurant for you and your significant other to dine at when you run across the name of a new restaurant. You click on the page to learn more and find a profile with barely enough information to determine what type of food they sell, let alone what their hours or reviews are. 

For some people, they’re not going to eat there- even if they suspect the food could be life-changing- simply because the social media presence is sub par. Without an executted social media strategy, a definite ball was dropped by converting a curious potential customer into a raving brand ambassador. See the difference between staying ready with your social media strategy turned all the way up versus not even having one?

You have an audience and they’re looking for you


Believe it or not, you have an audience somewhere out there and they’re waiting for you. Whether you’re implementing social media ads, social media live videos or even a targeted content calendar, your social media strategy has the potential to introduce you to new, seasoned and loyal customers. However, if your social media strategy is far off, no one will find or connect with you. Remember that last brand that you followed that did nothing but show off their product on your timeline with no additional added value? We’re sure it took you less time to unfollow than it did for a cat meme to go viral.

The point is that your audience is looking for you. If your social media strategy is well thought out and implemented, those cat memes will always be more relatable and viral than your brand. Which leads into our next point…



Trust is at the heart of any great relationship. Friends, family, significant others… and business. You know you can trust a good business when you keep coming back time after time. The same goes for your online business. When your audience trusts you, they come back. They send their friends to your website. They refer family to your social media page. They rave to their coworkers about the sale you have going on by sharing your recent Facebook post. This trust can fan the flames for organic awareness, which has been responsible for numerous successful social media campaigns. The question is: are you leveraging your brand’s trusted customers to be the social media ambassadors on your behalf?

Learn more about your audience


When you first meet someone, every word that person utters is a way to learn more about them. You’ll first learn their name, then you may learn about their family, and so forth. It’s the same with potential customers who visit your social media pages. Every click, comment, share or view, gives you intimate insight into who they are and what they value. Not only does this help you in planning, targeting and and creating, it gives you an unbelievably rich view of what your customer wants. Before social media, brands had to shell out thousands upon thousands of dollars for insights to be reviewed by analysts and broken down into laymen's terms. Now? Logging onto Facebook, Twitter or Instagram analytics gives your social media strategy a strong directional push. Best part? It's Free-ninety-nine. 

Now it’s time to consider what your social media strategy is and if it needs to be revamped. Having a hard time figuring that out? A great social media manager can help.

What are you waiting for?

The Persona Agency Team 

Ebonee Thompson