5 Social Media Trends to Use in May 2018


In any other instance, following trends is frowned upon. In social media? It’s the easiest way to achieve success for your campaigns. Any social media professional worth their weight in gold will tell you that social media trends are always… ALWAYS changing (think Facebook algorithms). Trends wax and wane, new developments occur, and different platforms offer more features. Some of these trends are excellent (i.e. Instagram stories) and some… (remember that Snapchat update a few months ago?) well, let’s just say we hope no one lost their job over some of these developments.


The point is that social media will forever and always change and improve and while platforms attempt to give us a memorable and viral-worthy experience.

If you’re looking forward to freshening up your social media or your business’ social media, here are a few of the social media trends that you should be using in May 2018.

Video has taken the throne as king...

Video has been and still is the most important way to reach an audience. Period.


Don’t believe us? Two words: Snapchat… Ok, so technically that’s one word, but you catch the drift. People love video. It’s naturally engaging. They don’t have to read dialogue and are able to do other things like, wash dishes or workout. And nothing is funnier than a cute cat video, right?

This month try to use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat video to leverage updates, product information or simple brand behind-the-scenes glimpses. You’ll be surprised at the traction your brand will gain.

We’re live in 3, 2, 1…

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 2.18.16 PM.png

If you’ve ever heard someone say, "I’m going Live," they’re probably referring to Facebook or Instagram. If you want to beat the Facebook and Instagram algorithms, this is an absolute must do for your business. Going live is the equivalent of breaking news on your local news station. Everyone is doing it, and by everyone, we mean the cool kids. If you want to be the cool kid... go LIVE!

This month introduce a new product, or give a quick tutorial on how to use your existing product. Even better? Introduce your team to its faithful followers!

Because life feels (and looks) better with a great filter...


Imagine turning your regular phone view into a cool version of what your life (or a taco face via Taco Bell) could be like. You could totally do that with augmented reality/filter. Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram all give you the option of introducing augmented reality to your audience.

This month introduce a light-hearted feel to your brand/products by integrating augmented reality filters into your postings. Even better, create a filter for your brand to give your followers a truly branded experience. People do business with people they trust and everyone trusts a great filter.

If long-term isn’t your thing...


You’ll definitely be happy about Ephemeral content. Go ahead and post it, but remind your fans it will forever be deleted in 24 hours or less. This social media tactic takes advantage of the age old marketing emotion of not wanting to miss out on exclusive deals, content or specials.

This month use ephemeral content as a way of finding out what content is causing your audience to scroll past, walk, or run to check out. This is the best way to introduce sale codes, sneak peaks at products and even exclusive interviews.

Instant gratification and customer service...


If you’re the type who likes customer service with a smile, then the chatbot is for you. A chatbot is not just for customer service; it exists as a way of customers having instant access to our businesses. And who doesn’t love instant access? Most brands use chatbots successfully on Facebook.

This month investigate how your business can use chatbots to anticipate the needs of your customer and be there waiting like the amazing brand you are.

May is going to be an amazing social media month for your brand. Which social media trend are you most excited to test out?

Team TPA


Ebonee Thompson