Using Content to Draw People to Your Brand

We read a lot. No, really, a LOT. Sometimes it's books and blogs and other times it's newspapers/magazines and articles. A while back, I was overjoyed to receive an alert about an article written by Daniel Ally for Immediately I was drawn in. Who wouldn't be with a title "7 Ways to Attract Millions of People to Your Brand"

Millions of people? 

Sign us up. 

Before I clicked the link, though, I prayed that Daniel used the article to mention content and the importance of it in any (& every) business. 

Then I read this: 

“However, I’m often surprised by the vast majority of companies that focus on establishing their brands before finding their strategy. These people set up their social media channels, websites, books, photos and everything else, but they fail to pull in a dollar, while losing thousands in the process.

This behavior is synonymous to asking for taste without supplying the salt. If you want customers, you need to concoct a flavor that builds trust in the marketplace, while simultaneously giving your prospects something to satiate their appetites. Your marketing message is the salt that adds flavor to your branding efforts.

The better your marketing message is, the hungrier people will be for your products and services. Even as you add flavor to your brand, you’ll still need to attract those who are salivating for your services. You also need to pay attention to those who don’t know that they’ll be hungry in the future. Therefore, your brand is always supplying a feast, regardless of who’s ready to eat.”

— Daniel Ally

Um, we was sold. Whatever he was selling, we were buying - and happily.

Head over and read the article yourself...but here are a few highlights and great takeaways:  

1. Leverage social media.- Pretty self-explanatory, but for the sake of being too vague, make sure you master at least three (3) social media channels before you jump all-in. Your business should NOT be blasting out the same content on each channel. Why would anyone need to follow you on different channels if they are going to get the same messaging on each one? Think about it. When you choose the 3 channels to tackle, focus on what messaging and tone you want them to convey. Imagine that you have three different customers, lounging on three different channels, with three different needs. Would you try to sell them, educate them or entice them in the same way? Nope. If you're going to use social media, you've got to be strategic and purposeful- especially in business. We tell clients all the time: Do NOT worry about mastering each & every social media platform on earth. Master three and be great there. You cannot be everything to everyone. 

2. Develop strong websites.- Far too often, we see really, really great business ideas with pretty "eh" websites. They do nothing to engage, intrigue, educate or evoke action. Your website doesn't have to keep someone there for hours, but it should engage them to the point that they return again OR sign up to receive more information from you. Whether that's through visuals, content, testimonials, offers or education...include it and they will come. 

3. Learn copy-writingHello, facts. Even if you are not the strongest writer (or don't have the desire to spend time click-clacking on a keyboard), you should, at least, have someone on your staff (or on-call) who has an expertise in how to handle copy-writing. Copy-writing is what advertisers and marketers use to entice you into thinking you NEED their product (whether you do or don't). Don't you want that for your business? Either learn copy-writing or learn the importance of it and hire someone who can handle it for you.

4. Implant visual aids.- Listen, regardless of what your kindergarten teacher told you, people DO judge the book by its cover. In the case of business, people judge your business by the images you choose to project. What are you trying to sell? What are you trying to tell? Who are you trying to tell them you are? Your website should be a clear reflection of that. Most consumers are visuals shoppers, who purchase based on what we see. If a consumer visits your site and see nothing (or shoddy images/videos) why would they spend their money with you? Invest in professional or stock images and professional videos. Your customer will thank you with a purchase!

5. Be memorable.- Be memorable with your business name, your pen name, your product names and your reputation. Pretty self-explanatory. People will be more inclined to remember the memorable. 

6. Write a book.- Hello, facts, again. I'm the hugest advocate of everyday people writing books. Why? Simply put, everyday people have the most relatable stories to tell. True, celebrity tell-alls are juicy and page-turners, but, you have an expertise and knowledge that someone can benefit from. Do you have a business? You are probably an expert in that area. Write a book. Tell your story. Teach a lesson. Show off your expertise so that you can reaffirm that you are a go-to expert for anyone seeking your services. Do it. Write a book. Years from now, your name will still be on bookshelves (& on Amazon) as a subject matter expert. Even if you can't fathom writing the book yourself, hire a ghostwriter to help you pen your thoughts!

7. Create your back story. -  You know better than anyone else, why you started your journey- in business, on your personal journey, in self-discovery, in writing...whatever- so be prepared to use that as a selling point as to why someone should purchase from you. For us, we've always been champions of brands and people to tell their stories, regardless of how intimidating the process felt. We wanted to be the liaison that helped dreams come alive. The light bulb came on. The need was there and we had the skills to bring everything together. In an instant, The Persona Agency was born. That's our backstory and we're sticking to it. What's yours? 

This article was nothing short of amazing! Be sure you head over & read it here. Do we promise you'll draw in millions of people? No. However, we do guarantee it will have you peeling back the layers of how you approach content, marketing and branding. 

But, if you do draw in millions of people, be sure to come back and drop a few coins in our collection plate. 

PERSONAlly Yours, 

The Persona Agency

P.S. If you are interested in writing a book or developing your content persona contact us today!


Ebonee Thompson