3 Reasons Your "Post it & They Will Come" Social Media Approach Sucks & How to Up the Ante

No one cares as much about your product, service or personal life as much as you do. Sure, I think my daughter saying “Lasagna” as “Nah-zoo-nah” is reason for hysterical laughing and celebration, but does the stranger across the room? Probably not.

Your brands’ "Post it & They Will Come" social media approach is the lasagna in the room that no one wants to mention.

Many look at social media as the “go to” tool for dropping the mic-drop bomb of what they’ve worked tirelessly on. While I agree that social media is a powerful resource, thinking that people will hear your message because you clicked “post” on a social platform, is doing your hard work and messaging a disservice.

Think about it: You’ve just crafted the most creative messaging and have visuals to match and then you do the “mic drop” dance as you post them on all the major platforms. Then you wait. And you refresh your browser and wait some more. Then you go to lunch and come back and see that your mom is the only one who has graciously given you a like (thanks, mom). Why aren’t the "likes" and comments flying in? Why isn’t everyone bowing at your virtual feet? Why haven’t they already purchased 5 of what you’re selling?

Simply put: Your “Post it & They Will Come” social strategy sucks. Between visibility, post composition and how engaged YOU are, here are the top reasons your social presence isn’t garnering the praise it deserves (and ways to improve):

1. Your Reach - Are you solely posting on your page and then hoping and praying that your followers share, like and comment? If so, it’s time to up the ante with social influencer campaigns, targeting and post timing.

  • Social influencers can introduce your brand to a new (and devoted) group of people. Don’t have money for the Kardashians to endorse your product? No worries. Micro influencers are on the rise and typically cost a fraction of what the social media queen from Calabasas would charge.
  • Targeting if your content is valuable to a certain group, you should target them to see your post. Like, yesterday. There’s no better way to communicate with a specific audience than with post targeting.
  • Timing- There’s a certain strategy around when posts should go live that many overlook. Nothing about your posting schedule should be knee-jerk; everything should be calculated. For instance, Wednesdays at 3:00pm are extremely popular for certain types of content on Facebook versus Tuesdays at 5:00pm for others. Do your research and make sure your content is hitting the timeline at the appropriate time to increase its chance of popularity.

2. Your Composition– Every part of your social media post matters; from the length to the visuals. Here’s why:


  • Visuals- On most platforms, having amazing visuals helps tell your story in fewer words than you ever could. Invest in great photographs to accompany and be mindful that, on social media, people DO judge a post by its visual (and they get more shares and attention, too).
  • Quality Over Quantity- For the average consumer, there are so many things attempting to get their attention throughout the day online. Most people don’t have time to ingest long posts or content, so being concise and to the point is appreciated. Remember: K.I.S.S. (Keep it Short on Social).

3. Your Conversation- No one likes being talked AT. One of the biggest opportunities brands miss out on is joining in on the conversation with people who are engaging with their posts or talking about them. One of the most humanizing acts you can do on social media is to interact (gasp: be social) and let readers know that they are heard. You’ll be surprised how answering one question on your post can increase brand loyalty. Remember those people you wanted to “like” and share your posts? Brand, meet enthusiast. Enthusiast, meet brand.

Remember, the “post it and they will come” approach is not a strategy. Social media takes nurturing, listening and strategic research, which revolves more around your target audience needs and less around what your brand has to say. Work your strategy and watch as your social media likes, shares, comments, engagements and conversations increase beautifully.

- Ebonee, Founder of The Persona Agency

Ebonee Thompson